Risky Business


R&D Strategy is one of the most challenging aspects of the Pharmaceutical and the Device Industries

Risky Business, the Pharmaceutical Industry Boardgame, is a simulator that improves perception of
R&D risk and delivers a unique insight into some of the most challenging industries in the world.

This is the one game that Executives, Business managers and every single employee with any contact to the pharmaceutical
industry needs to do. There was never a professional training exercise this relevant to R&D.


For Europe call: +49 163 850 9154 (Dr. Matthias Krings)
For the USA call: +1 (202) 797-5373 (Mary Jespersen)
For Scandinavia, Japan and the rest of the world call: +45 46 40 30 50 (Jesper Lyng Jensen - the game creator) jlj@mimerconsulting.com


"The Risky Business game is fantastic. The most valuable aspect was experiencing the discomfort of the high risk in
the industry. Whether or not you are a seasoned portfolio professional, the game helps you make better strategic

Claus Due Ponsaing
Senior Portfolio Manager,
Strategic Merketing
H. Lundbeck A/S